A Counterfeit Detector

The goal of this device is to detect any Counterfeit U.S. notes (1929-1935 Series D, $1.00 to $10,000.00 denominations), by dialing the notes serial # - as you would a rotary phone - to determine if the Check Letter on the Spuriscope matches the Check Letter* on the note.  (*See Right)

Zeros (0) and Sixes (6) are not present on this device and are, therefore, skipped when dialing the serial #.

When you come to the next to last # and the check letters are (red) on the Spuriscope, you must dial an additional #3 before dialing the last number.

If, when you come to the next to last # and the check letters are (green), simply dial the last number. (Do not dial an additional #3 in this case.)

One of the two check letters shown in the window of the Spuriscope should match the currency’s check letter. If not, your note is not genuine, it’s Counterfeit!

An example is shown step by step below...

1934-A $5 Silver Certificate

Check Letter (B)

Serial #: 93212006

Check Letter

(upper-left and lower-right corners of the note)

Step 1: Dial #9

Serial #-(Number)

Step 2: Dial #3

Step 3: Dial #2

Step 4: Dial #1

S.#: 93212006

S.#: 93212006

S.#: 93212006

S.#: 93212006

Step 5: Since Check Letters are (red), Dial the additional #3

Step 6: Dial last number (#2)

S.#: 9321(3)2006

S.#: 93212006

Counterfeit Check Complete!

“When the Spuriscope shows it’s counterfeit...

It’s Counterfeit!

Check Letters

Step 7: Remember since the last 3 numbers are 006 (Again, 0s & 6s are skipped),

you come up with the check letters (B&H). The note has a check letter of (B).

Therefore the note is Genuine!

Check Letters

S.#: 93212006

Check Letter (B)